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Electric threading machine

M6-M24 Electric threading machine (Universal head)

Main parameter

Product brand: AEROMAX

Tool Name:Pneumatic tapping machine

Producing area: made in China

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Product introduction

Simple operation, strong output force, durable, stable operation system, adjustable forward and backward speed, precise depth control, safe torsion cylinder clamp, blind hole tapping, deep hole processing can be layered tapping, vibration tapping, flexible cutting and other functions. 

Tapping ability:M6,M8,M10,M12,M14,M16,M18,M20,M22,M24

Space speed: 0-200 rpm(Adjustable speed of attacking and retreating teeth

Working radius: 1300MM

Tapping direction:Universal head

Power requirements:220V/1200W

Random Annex:

1. Servomotor

2. High-end reducer

3. High Definition Touch Control System

4.High Precision Balance Bracket

5. Tapping chuck (6 standard)

Suitable materials: aluminium, copper, A3 steel, 45 steel, pig iron, stainless steel and other metal materials